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Persona Doll Diversity Training Project

Our current Diversity Training Project in partnership with the WCED and DG Murray Trust is underway.  We are encouraged by the positive responses from teachers, here’s a few responses received

De Heide Primary

  • Mostly we have tried to use our dolls in teaching our kids that being a bit different to other is okay. Being a full inclusive school we have kids that look different, walk different, are different cultures and races and have different learning abilities. Using our dolls helped our kids to realise being different is okay and that they can still be friends. Our dolls also helped with our learners with language barriers as the dolls understands their language when they speak to the doll.
  • The kids love when the dolls come to visit and we are thinking of using them when having assembly as well. We have given our kids time to talk to the dolls as well and maybe getting something of their chest they don’t other want to know.


Pineview Primary School

  • The Persona Dolls have been a very creative tool to use during my lay counselling sessions with trauma learners at our school. - Most of the learners who has been exposed to trauma at such a young age often don't comprehend how to process these traumatic events. - The Persona Dolls then acts as a play therapy technique to allow the learner to share their story in a helpful and comfortable manner. 

  • The learners enjoys this technique during the session and you are able to witness the progress that the learner made due to this technique. 


Swartberg Primary School.

  • The persona doll definitely helped us understand and accept people with physical disability. Make them feel included. 

  • Totally positive feedback. Learners really believed that the doll can talk. There was a quietness in the hall. Some of the Senior learners ask me when the dolls are coming again. The teachers were also interested in the story.


The external evaluation results at the end of the project will be shared with all partners and friends of Persona Doll Training SA .

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