Message from the Director

It gives me great pleasure to present our final quarter Newsletter for 2018.

Notwithstanding the impacts of the economic and political situation in South Africa, exceptional progress was made with our delivery of Persona Doll Training, most notably in TVET Colleges and community ECD Centres across South Africa.

Although additional financial support for us to provide on-site guidance and support to our beneficiaries is proving difficult to obtain, considerable progress was made with our limited resources. Our Training of Trainers (TOT) Model has contributed greatly to extend our footprint.

Diversity Training Workshops , as well as our Young Parenting Programme have been requested by organisations and schools from across the country.

The needs in the communities served by us, our staff and our donors underpin our raison d’ętre- without one , the others would be pointless. The commitment, dedication and initiative of our staff is acknowledged and applauded. Daily work for our staff requires extensive time spent in communities to train, support and empower through the Persona Doll Methodology.

We are extremely excited about our new E-learning platform that was developed and is now ready to be accessed by our beneficiaries to support self-learning. This innovation is enabling us to reach more individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge of Persona Doll Training.

Persona Doll Training is one of approximately 150,000 non-profit organisations seeking support and we are extremely appreciative to our donors who provide the means to make a meaningful contribution to change the lives of our young children, ECD practitioners and communities.

Our Board plays a critical role in the organisations affairs and their wisdom and support are applauded. Our Annual General Meeting was well attended and our guest speaker, Eleanor du Plooy who works as a Cape Town-based dialogue facilitator and trainer, writer and researcher for The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, graced the occasion and delivered a thought-provoking address on the importance of engaging communities in our democracy.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of our work throughout the year and we look forward to working with you all in 2019.

Delores Athiemulam


About our new E-learning


We are pleased to announce the launch of our first E-learning module that is available free of charge. This E-learning module “Beginning with self” consists of 5 lessons:

  • An Anti Bias approach
  • Understanding Identity
  • Understanding Discrimination
  • Values and Attitudes
  • Emotional Literacy and Empathy

To find out more, all that you have to do either on your Smartphone or computer is follow this link

Once you have logged in to the above address follow these 3 instructions:

  1. Press Sign up
  2. When prompted to use an email or a token, select the token option and use our 4 digit code: 39G9 – the course is free.
  3. Enter your province and personal details when prompted and preferably use an email address over your cell phone number (you’ll get more from the course this way).

You should now be on the first page of the e-learning programme – all of the instructions that you need to proceed with the programme will be on your screen.

Good luck and enjoy the process

Please give us feedback on the content of the programme and your experience of working through the e-learning process (the technical aspect of the programme). You can send this to


TVET College Programme

The Programme Managers for ECD at the TVET colleges are very supportive of the Persona Doll Approach and delighted to include the approach in their training of ECD students.

The Persona Doll Training adds value to the existing College Curriculum and ensures that students understand the importance of addressing diversity in the classroom. The programme is offered to Level 4 and 5 students at TVET Colleges.

Some comments from the students after the training:

“I learned that I need to include all the children, celebrate diversity, challenge discrimination, develop communication skill and encourage creative thinking with the persona dolls. “

“There was nothing I disliked about the training but I would like to suggest that we translate some of the difficult concepts and the text into the home languages of the participants as well.”

Persona Doll Training is a registered, accredited service provider for TVET Colleges wanting to access our training.

TOT for all the lecturing staff at the TVET colleges is planned for 2019, in this way we can ensure the sustainability of the Persona Doll Approach in the colleges. The Approach can be integrated into the Level 5 curriculum and supported through the 18 months that the students attend.


Young Parent Training

The programme has gained momentum with the training of psychologists, social workers, and Child Protection Facilitators.

Participants in one of the workshops, when doing the exercise: “Who is this young parent?” posed the following scenario:

Young woman: 14 years old with a mental disability. Comes from a poor socio-economic background with little schooling and no real parenting models to emulate.

Young man: 17 years old with FASD (Foetal Alcohol Systems Disorder – the latest definition for the condition). Similar circumstances; little or no schooling, drug and alcohol abuse, poor socio-economic conditions and no parental role models.

According to the DOE this scenario is very prevalent in most communities. Also though, all the participants were in agreement that most of these young people have given very little thought to the realities of falling pregnant and becoming young mothers and facing the realities of parenthood.

The Young Parent Persona Doll Programme is a crucial part of our work and there is a great need to extend the programme to as many communities as possible as teenage pregnancies must be addressed in all communities and schools.


Contact us :

Telephone: +27 21 462 3902



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