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Revised and enlarged 2015 PDT training manual

We are delighted to announce that our new revised Persona Doll Manual is hot off the press. The new 90 page manual has a fresh new look in full colour. The content and information will be familiar to those who have worked with the old manual. We have extended and updated the contents in line with current thinking and terminology. The new manual is a learning tool that will provide information to the trainer and the trainee and has space for notes.

Two new new sections have been added in response to feedback and specific concerns that practitioners have highlighted over the years: an Anti-bias approach; Child Development and Psychosocial Support; and the Persona Doll Approach. The PDA section highlights why we use Persona dolls, what are they, how to choose them, how to give them an identity and some wonderful stories that can be used to address social issues. Read more


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Mandela Day story competition

PDT ran a facebook & twitter competition to celebrate Mandela Day and to celebrate all the practitioners, teachers, child care workers, reading group leaders who work tirelessly to make a difference in children’s lives- supporting them emotionally and challenging prejudice with Persona dolls. Stories were submitted and we selected a creative story winner, Leigh Morrison from True North. We will share her story and many other stories in a new PDT "Story Collection" to be released soon. Read more


Phelisa PDT senior trainer

We would like to welcome Phelisa as a full-time PDT senior trainer. Phelisa has been presenting persona doll training for two years for us, together with working with Inclusive Education South Africa. We wish her everything of the very best and are thrilled to have her on board. Read more


Love Care and Protection from Infancy to Adolescence

Love Care and Protection from Infancy to Adolescence - theme of the REPSSI Forum at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe this September. What a privilege it was to be together with people who are all passionate about psychosocial support. Carol Smith, PDT director, presented the new PDT Manual: Making a Difference at the conference – the Manual is endorsed by REPSSI and will add an early childhood approach and resource for the REPSSI network. Read more


Philosophy for children (P4C) by Cindy Engelbrecht

When PDT first spoke to me about the Philosophy for children (P4C) workshops and conference at UCT I was indeed very excited and thought: What is Philosophy? And what does it have to do with children? Will I even understand anything at the workshop? Will I be the only person coming to the workshop with no knowledge on the topic? The two-day workshop was indeed an eye-opener! Read more


Persona Doll Story around crime

This story could be used to explore children’s attitudes and feelings connected to crime in particular home break-ins, which is a growing reality for many South African families. The story and follow-up questions will help children explore possible solutions to dealing with crime and encourage them feel that good will prevail in the end. They will come away knowing what they should do, who they should talk to and where they should go? The teacher will use a persona doll called Shereen who is the main character in this story. Read more


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