Mandela Day

PDT encourages everyone to be an activist every day for Madiba’s values of kindness, respect; and empathy. Madiba said: 'No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin, their religion or their sex. We have to learn to hate. If we can learn to hate then we can learn to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it's opposite'. This quote sums up our anti-bias work.

The Persona Doll anti-bias approach is made up of four main components: building identity and self-esteem, developing empathy, unlearning negative attitudes and encouraging a problem-posing/activist approach. We encourage you to be an activist for Madiba’s values of kindness, respect; and empathy in your day to day life with children and with adults. Mandela Day is not just on 18 July. The Nelson Mandela Foundation reminds us: “it’s not just about doing 67 minutes of good and that we must bring about sustainable social change in the lives of our people.”

PDT through our training and leadership work tries to deeper under-standing of issues of equality and respect, and provide practical and activist ways of making a real difference.


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Introducing our new director

Delores Athiemulam joins PDT as the new Director, bringing an wealth of experience, qualifications, skills and contacts in a career that has spanned from grassroots education to executive leadership of organisations. She leaves a position as Centre Director of the Nokuphila Community Centre in Gauteng. She served previously as Country Director for Operation HOPE SA and Managing Director for the Institute of Training and Education for Capacity building (ITEC) in East London. Delores says: It is with great joy and privilege that I join the Persona Doll Training team at this particular time! Read more


Teen Dolls at NACCW conference

4th July to 6th July 2017 in Kimberley, South Africa. The conference covered areas like healthy child and youth development and improved standards of care for vulnerable children.Well done to Kerileng Finger and Memoria Vryman, Isibindi mentors, presented their work with Persona Dolls and Teen Dolls at the conference. PDT works with NACCW to empower their mentors and youth workers to use Persona Dolls and Teen Persona Dolls to enrich their professional training to promote healthy child and youth development and improve standards of care and treatment for orphaned, vulnerable and at risk children and youth in family, community and residential group care settings.


'A Surprise at the Park': a strong girl story for Mandela day

“Pauline and Kagiso are excited to go on a class outing to the park. They enjoy playing on the swings. As they are on their way to see the ducks on the vlei, something unexpected happens..“ ‘A Surprise at the Park’ is PDT’s first children’s book! It was written by Wendy Hartman and illustrated by Margriet Brink. It is available in two versions; isi Xhosa and English; and Seso-tho and Zulu version. Children aged 3 to 9 years will enjoy the story of two children’s adventure while on a school outing. Read more


Diversity Workshop

PDT presented a two-day Diversity Workshop in May, facilitated by Thikam Pillay and Pat Birkett. Whilst our Persona Doll training always includes the Anti Bias Approach and the thread of diversity is embedded and runs throughout the training Diversity was the focus of this workshop content, and not the Persona Doll approach. We included a space for deep individual reflections and in many of the discussions participants made reference to the theories e.g. Internalised Oppression, Internalised Dominance etc. We recognized how this might have, and could still be playing out in their own life experiences. Read more


Facilitation Workshop

PDT offered a high spirited facilitation skills workshop in July. Participants honed their skills in listening, presenting, theories of adult learning, how to give feedback and how to mentor.


Like Me ! Ubuntu play dolls

Our range of dolls to celebrate our diverse cultures make it possible for children to play proudly with dolls that look like themselves and their friends. This helps children to develop their self-esteem and confidence. The response “like me’ says that the child feels loved, feels visible, worth something and respected for who s/he is. Read more


'Blessers' - Mashudu's story

The issue of "blessers" is very relevant in our society struggling with poverty and a history of inequality. We need to look at this issue with a different lens from a non-judgemental perspective towards these young girls who date these men as a means of survival. Read more


News from PDT UK

A report of the innovative professional development initiative designed and co-ordinated by the Barnet Early Years Alliance (BEYA) and Persona Doll Training. Learning to make a difference together. The Barnet Early Years Alliance ( BEYA) and the Persona Doll storytelling approach complement one another. Equality, inclusion and social justice are embedded in the thinking and practice of both. Read more




Our pilot elearning course is underway

We are developing an ECD inclusion and diversity course including the persona doll approach. This is part of a blended approach some contact training plus using the Internet resources to deepen understanding. It will bring video footage and activities to personalize your learning, and make the course real and exciting.

Please email if you are interested in doing such a course.


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