Fighting Racism with ARNSA

(Anti Racism Network South Africa)

PDT's work is to confront bias in all its forms and to challenge discrimination and prejudice. We have been doing this for the past 12 years, focusing essentially on teachers, ECD practitioners, child and youth care workers as well as other sectors involved in education. We are constantly inspiring people to be aware, be conscious, be just, be brave and be challenged, and we trust that through the work we do we are achieving some levels of success. I was fortunate enough to attend the Anti Racism Network South Africa (ARNSA ) AGM in last year for Persona Doll Training. Our work is completely in line with ARNSA’s vision of what they are hoping to achieve through highlighting Anti Racism Week, which ran from 14 – 21 March 2017. Read more


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Bullying and Human Rights

In March we celebrated Human Rights Day, a public holiday which was declared in 1994 following the inauguration of former president Nelson Mandela. Human rights are the rights all people – including children – are entitled to, regardless of language, ‘race’, religion and social class. It is important that as adults working with children we talk and teach children about human rights and the responsibilities related to those rights. It is also vital to create a safe environment for all children to feel accepted, included and, importantly, to try and prevent victimisation such as bullying. Bullying is often based on prejudice and it must always be taken seriously and never ignored. Here is an example of how one might address the issue of bullying with children through storytelling and asking questions. Read more


Inclusivity Summit

On the 18th of February 2017 PDT had the privilege of presenting and being part of the first Inclusivity Summit for 2017, which is a city-bowl high school initiative for high schools in Cape Town organised by Good Hope Seminary High school. The vision of this initiative is 'a society in which everyone matters, with an inspiration for transformation'. PDT’s presentation was aimed at engaging the participants on how to embrace diversity with the hope of helping the learners develop positive values and unlearn prejudice using our unique Persona Doll approach. There were several other fascinating and informative presentations. Read more


Kouthar Ebrahim Interview

Kouthar Ebrahim is a principal at the IQRA Educare centre in Lansdowne, Cape Town. The following is an interview with Kouthar about her wonderfully positive experience of introducing Persona Dolls at IQRA. Read more


Parenting Persona Project

Building on what we learned from our Teen Persona Doll training that was piloted last year with NACCW, we are excited to continue the work of engaging with young people. Our new programme develops materials and stories to support young parents and young teen parents in their journeys of parenthood. Read more


Using a Persona Doll in Palestine

Palestinian children living in East Jerusalem are growing up under extremely difficult circumstances, due to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the 50 years of occupation. In 2016 a Rapid Appraisal of Children in East Jerusalem was undertaken to better understand the reasons for the increasing number of children getting into conflict with the law for security reasons. Given the politically and emotionally sensitive nature of this topic, the researchers decided to use a Persona doll for focus group discussions. Read more


What anti-bias will you do on Monday

The anti-bias Persona Doll Approach focuses on using stories for psychosocial and social justice issues in ECD. PDT believes these elements should be incorporated into and made an integral part of all inclusive quality ECD training organizations. We have learned that the process of partnering and integrating our programme into other organizations' programmes is complex and takes time, yet we believe that this process is essential if we want to create a sustainable environment for the anti-bias Persona Doll Approach, which is unique in that it focuses on psychosocial and social justice in ECD.Read more


Using Teen Persona Dolls with teenagers and youth

A group of National Association of Childcare workers (NACCW) facilitators and mentors worked with teenagers as part of the PDT / NACCW Teen Persona pilot project. A wide variety of really important issues and themes were discussed, ranging from AIDS to albinism, and they gave the facilitators insight into the issues the teenagers were facing. In turn, the facilitators found the PDT approach to be very useful in getting the teenagers to think and talk about what was on their minds. Read more


Upcoming Events


Attend a 1-day Persona Doll Training - 6 May 2017

Develop positive values, respect for diversity, self-esteem and a sense of fairness and justice when applying our Persona Doll Approach in the work that you do. Read more


Diversity Training - 23 and 24 May 2017

Persona Doll Training South Africa invites you to attend a 2 day Diversity training programme. Read more


Attend a 3-day Facilitation Course - 11, 12, 13 July 2017

You are invited to attend a 3 day course on facilitation and working with groups. Read more


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