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Persona Dolls, or identity dolls engage children AND ADULTS in learning about diversity through story and discussion.

The life like Persona Dolls offer an innovative, and non-threatening way to promote diversity, ‘unlearn discrimination’ and address human rights issues such as:

  • Gender, disability and inclusion;
  • racism;
  • health and HIV/ AIDS;
  • culture,faith and social class.

Happy birthday PDT!
This is our 10th year of operation in South Africa ! A big thank you our staff, to all our partners all around the country and to our funders!

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  • Guest - rami kiraz

    Happy birthday PDT! wish you luck and good reliable essays) So everything will be good)

  • Guest - Jason

    There are many discrimination in our modern society, but we the people do not see any human, zander discrimination.

  • Guest - Dyan Joy

    Thanks for the information.

  • Guest - Dyan Joy

    Thanks for the information.

  • Guest - Mandy Hudson

    This week we have had a Training of Trainers Course take place in Durban. We wait in anticipation for the report back from our Trainers Pat and Thikam to fill us in on all the exciting things that took place. We know it will have been an amazing training where 25 participants attended.